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Arizona’s premier Scottsdale tattoo shop, located in the heart of Old Town. Dame of the West Tattoo is a high end parlor providing you with a comfortable and friendly environment. With over 20 years experience and some of the best artists in the valley; we pride ourselves on producing the finest tattoos in Arizona. We specialize in various tattoo styles including American Traditional, large scale Japanese Irezumi, Black and Grey, and Single Needle; or create a custom piece of your own design with one of our talented tattoo artists. Come in or call today, see for yourself why we think Dame of the West Tattoo is the best.

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 My focus is on black and grey tattooing. I try to create a feeling of form, emotional atmosphere, and refinement in my projects with fine attention to detail in each stage of  the working process. For me, the most important aspect of my art is maintaining mental presence throughout the working process, and cultivating a sense of circumspection. 

I grew up traveling the country with my mother, who is also a tattooer. Thanks to her I have been introduced to many different kinds of tattoo art and tattooers. I’ve always felt that because of this early and diverse exposure, my relationship with tattooing has been deeply personal. 

In my mothers first years of tattooing, she worked at a shop in Tempe where she met Jon Garber, now co-owner of Dame of the West Tattoo. Seventeen years later I began a formal apprenticeship under Jon, with his mentorship I developed an eye for design, and to be empirical in my criticism. He taught me to be methodical and consistent in my efforts, and to have a steady, meticulous work ethic. 

  Through the course of a year, I developed these qualities to the best of my abilities. It was an intense period of self development for me, and in the end, I made the decision to step away from the set path and investigate other areas of life. In July of 2015 I left my apprenticeship with Jon and on September 16th, I began living in a Thai Buddhist monastery on the east coast. 

After spending two and a half years ordained in the Thai forest tradition I returned to Arizona to continue my apprenticeship.  Since then, Jon had partnered with Josh Carter to open Dame of the West Tattoo, and under their combined mentorship I’ve continued to develop my skills as a tattooer.  

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All tattoo designs on this page by Devin Bennett - Instagram   @DEVINBENNETT_TATTOO

All tattoo designs on this page by Devin Bennett - Instagram @DEVINBENNETT_TATTOO

Dame Of The West Tattoo

Arizona’s premier tattoo shop, located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

7151 E 6th Ave.,Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Shop hours : Mon. - Sat. - 12pm - 8pm - Sunday - 12 - 7pm

By appointment (480) 534-5843e

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